Mar. 24th, 2010 12:05 am
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Finished listening to the Written By The Victors podfic. It is still as wonderful and entrancing, as meticulously and beautifully crafted as I remember it being when I read it. In some ways, it's even better in audio than in the text format: to hear the 'Lantean' parts is ridiculously amazing, the ending's editing intensifies the epicness of it all, as does hearing the bibliography and the index read aloud (really not the same as skimming through it in the text).

One problem: the porn in it is spaced precisely so that I would be in the middle of a hot scene while coming into work. Where I have to immediately start communicating with small children. That was Not Comfortable :D

Also, bullet-point lytdybr:
-> I love HTC for pretty much everything and for HTC Tattoo especially.
-> Google needs to stop trying too hard and get back to slowly making good stuff instead of churning out not-baked-at-all stuff. Wave and Buzz, I'm talking about you. Really.
-> Can we have some fucking spring now, please? 5 months of winter is more than enough. I already know I want to move to Australia, no need of further arguments, Mother Nature.
-> No matter how many years I spend knowing, learning and speaking English, every time I attempt to blog in it I feel as a first grader trying to pronounce 'this is a chair' for the first time. Insecurities, how do I hate them.
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