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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation
I am a habitual lurker in way too many fandoms, with current focus on Dragon Age.

If I ever post it's usually about whatever fannish thing caught my eye, sometimes about linguistics and/or philosophy, psychology can also happen, but mostly it's random observations and attempts to keep writing at least something.

Interests (70):

alchemy, anders, androginy, as you wish, baroque, big damn heroes, bisexuality, changes, cyberpunk, dan simmons, dancing, david bowie, deathless vs immortal, dharma, dollhouse, dragon age, dune, earth is round, erotica, explanations, fandom, firefly, glam rock, gloria, gnoseology, hellblazer, homo ludens, hyperion, joss whedon, keats, languages, larpg, linguistics, martial arts, metanarration, metascience, mythology, neil gaiman, northern moonlight, not fade away, origins, origins of consciousness, paths, patterns, planescape, polyamoury, psycholinguistics, psychology, reptilia, research, revelations, rpg, sandman, science fiction, slash, states of love, strange loops, structures of text, sumeria, syzyzgy, taichi, taoism, temple prostitutes, vajrayana, venice, vivaldi, whatever you would like, where are we going?, wtf is the question of life, zen

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