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2011-08-21 02:05 am
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I finally managed a second playthrough of Dragon Age 2, and decided to celebrate it with some memeage. Thus, I present to you my two Hawkes, haphazardly summarized:

Reinar )

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2011-04-04 03:16 am
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Why Bioware is a secret cabal of good canadian wizards

...Mainly, because they make games I like way too much. It amazes me time and again: the things I love about Bioware games absolutely outweigh their faults (and there are always faults, and those of Mass Effect and Dragon Age series had been discussed countless times all over the Net).

Mass Effect, for example, almost perfectly fits a description I wrote in 2003 of a game/book/movie I longed for. Yes, it is mainly due to ME being troperiffic, but in a good way, and that's all that matters to me :)

But I decided to actually write something about my feelings for Bioware because of Dragon Age 2. Completely unexpectedly - and very, very frighteningly - it revived my fannish passions to the point of seriously contemplating writing fic, making vids and (oh gods oh gods) trying to socialize. I haven't written anything for over 5 years! My last attempt to vid was 2 years ago and not all that successful! Also, no experience of creative writing in a foreign language!

There. Now that I'm done hyperventilating: it's awesome that I want to do any of these things and for that I am deeply grateful to all the people who worked on DA2.