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2011-08-21 02:05 am
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I finally managed a second playthrough of Dragon Age 2, and decided to celebrate it with some memeage. Thus, I present to you my two Hawkes, haphazardly summarized:

Reinar )

Estrill )
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2011-06-25 08:18 am

Ахуй, понятный полутора людям

Пачиму такое количество людей пишут Имса дельфином, пачиму?

Около половины крупногабаритных качественных вещей (англоязычных, я по-прежнему не смотрю в русский фэндом) в категории Артур/Имс - из тех, что заморачиваются показать логику поведения Имса, ясен пень - делают его дельфином. Я смотрела Inception три с половиной раза, НА ЧТО люди смотрят и ПОЧЕМУ я этого не вижу???

...То есть даже если это не дельфин, что пока верифицировать довольно сложно, без точных формулировок и всё такое, но это определённо конкретный тип склада личности, и ОТКУДА ЛЮДИ ЕГО БЕРУТ ИЗ ФИЛЬМА Я ОБЫЧНО ЛЕГКО ВЫЧИСЛЯЮ НА ЧЁМ ФОРМИРУЕТСЯ ФАНОН!

И ведь, блин, обсудить не с кем.
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2011-06-16 10:23 am

X-men: First Class

0)This is not the review I want to write (but am too lazy to).
1)Russian version is the predictable utter shit I've come to expect from the local (I refuse to call them 'ours') industry's translators and actors.
2)Take That's credits song is good. Very good.
3)Charles Xavier is an annoying privileged prick and incredibly blind to others for a telepath; Erik Lensherr is actually kinda right but needs lots of therapy and hugs to become capable of making actually thought out decisions.
3.5)I agree with Wolverine's position on the offered choice of sides.

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2011-06-11 01:09 pm
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A thing that I enjoy.

So there's this browser kinda-RPG named Echo Bazaar and it is quite delicious (and takes place in a somewhat victorian and/or gothic London). I tried it out and liked it so much I feel a need to tell the world about that inconsequential fact.

And this post displays the extent of my ability to put anything at all into words at the moment.

Also, if anyone reads this, come play Echo Bazaar with me. Or without me, whichever.
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2011-05-21 04:52 pm

Drive-by 'thoughts to think' post

While searching for something I don't remember now, I've stumbled upon this video (it's about gender presentation in toy advertising), which reminded me of a question I had for some time.

So. Let's suppose that there are children who see those ads and think 'If I=(fe)male, then I (should) like glitter and baking/trucks and adventure'. On the other hand I am pretty certain (as certain as one can be about one's self-knowledge, heh) that there are children who see these ads and think 'If I like baking/trucks, then I=(fe)male' (or 'then I should be (fe)male'). This is all very simplistic, obviously, but. But. Why? How? We learn very early what gender sex we are. I certainly knew I had a vagina when I thought I might be a boy since I like pirates and adventure. What determines which way inner reasoning goes, from actual sex to a gendered idea of preferences or from actual preferences to gender identity? Again, simplistic, but there must be some processes that govern this thing. What are they and how they function, inquiring minds want to know.

And now to the portion of the program where I go about my day and forget to research this stuff for months.
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2011-04-11 07:26 am

A story being told.

I wanted to wait and formulate and post sometime later, but with my track record, if I put writing something down for later, I end up never writing at all, so instead of writing a thought out post I'll just flail a bit a be happy that I've written something.

I just watched Hua Mulan. It's amazing, everyone who likes (pseudo)historical movies and Chinese legends should watch it. I also recently watched The Pillars of the Earth, and again, amazing, like historical stuff - will love this, only this time for medieval England and not China. But. Beautifully shot and very, very well told stories aside, I'm stuck flailing and trying to put into words the compare and contrast picture I got in my head as a result of watching them so soon one after the other.

Basically, you have: a war going on for more than a decade that wrecks characters' lives - as the center of Mulan's story and as a backdrop for the Pillars' story; an overwhelming cause that gives meaning and determination to characters' lives - the defense of their country for Mulan and her brothers in arms and the cathedral for the people of Kingsbridge; and both causes I so very much bigger than people that undertake them, and they define the course of pretty much their whole life, and force them to know themselves in the process and allow to bring peace into the world - this is on a much bigger level and in a very literal sense for Mulan, obviously, but still so very much true for Jack and Aliena and prior Philip. And in the Chinese tale the cause is a duty self-effacing, and in the Western tale the cause is a passion leaving one's mark in the world for centuries. And still, both valid and wonderful.

And... That's pretty much it, I guess. I don't have any conclusion to bring this to. Just this. Also, less flail and more coherency than I expected, which is good. Now, I want a sandwich (go away, Hawke!)
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2011-04-04 03:16 am
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Why Bioware is a secret cabal of good canadian wizards

...Mainly, because they make games I like way too much. It amazes me time and again: the things I love about Bioware games absolutely outweigh their faults (and there are always faults, and those of Mass Effect and Dragon Age series had been discussed countless times all over the Net).

Mass Effect, for example, almost perfectly fits a description I wrote in 2003 of a game/book/movie I longed for. Yes, it is mainly due to ME being troperiffic, but in a good way, and that's all that matters to me :)

But I decided to actually write something about my feelings for Bioware because of Dragon Age 2. Completely unexpectedly - and very, very frighteningly - it revived my fannish passions to the point of seriously contemplating writing fic, making vids and (oh gods oh gods) trying to socialize. I haven't written anything for over 5 years! My last attempt to vid was 2 years ago and not all that successful! Also, no experience of creative writing in a foreign language!

There. Now that I'm done hyperventilating: it's awesome that I want to do any of these things and for that I am deeply grateful to all the people who worked on DA2.
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2010-07-13 04:51 am
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Re: Flashforward

Well, what do you know. When I actually deigned to watch it, my complaints (I wrote them in April, wow, that's...long ago) were resolved in the next episode. 'That shit' actually has a purpose, a rare pleasant surprise. Why was Flashforward cancelled, again??
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2010-06-07 10:46 pm

SPN/J2 Big Bang started (yay!)

Every year since its' creation I read most of the J2 stories, sacrificing tens of hours, and I always want more.

And only today, after watching several J2 vids, I realized why: my main perception channel is visual. Words come as a close second, but they always lack an unidentifiable something. So...

Oh how I wish Jensen and Jared filmed together anything, anything other than SPN, because I want to watch them, A LOT, but fuck if that show doesn't bore me to death.
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2010-04-24 02:40 pm
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Really, Flashforward? The only female among the FBI bunch of *our heroes* is the traitor? The only female and, incidentally, lesbian? IDEK.

I'm usually very meh about such things, but this time I can't see even a slightest plot-related reason for making specifically Janice into the mole, so there's some indignation rising. Please, writers, give this shit a purpose. Or make it a play on Simon's perceptions. Please.
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2010-04-21 08:32 pm
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Little things

Yesterday, I got home from a 10-day Vipassana course. Everything important that I could verbalize I already got to recite 4 times in 17 hours, so I'm not planning on writing stuff about the experience anytime soon.

But there's always little things I need to say to get rid of them, so.

One of the many rules of the course is to maintain complete segregation based on gender - to minimize distractions... I hope it helped someone. Really.

As for me, in the meditation hall I was seated behind a close replica of a past girlfriend. And there were some tightpants-related distractions. And not a single distracting good-looking person among the male meditators (I checked on the last day :D). Sigh.
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2010-03-24 12:05 am
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Finished listening to the Written By The Victors podfic. It is still as wonderful and entrancing, as meticulously and beautifully crafted as I remember it being when I read it. In some ways, it's even better in audio than in the text format: to hear the 'Lantean' parts is ridiculously amazing, the ending's editing intensifies the epicness of it all, as does hearing the bibliography and the index read aloud (really not the same as skimming through it in the text).

One problem: the porn in it is spaced precisely so that I would be in the middle of a hot scene while coming into work. Where I have to immediately start communicating with small children. That was Not Comfortable :D

Also, bullet-point lytdybr:
-> I love HTC for pretty much everything and for HTC Tattoo especially.
-> Google needs to stop trying too hard and get back to slowly making good stuff instead of churning out not-baked-at-all stuff. Wave and Buzz, I'm talking about you. Really.
-> Can we have some fucking spring now, please? 5 months of winter is more than enough. I already know I want to move to Australia, no need of further arguments, Mother Nature.
-> No matter how many years I spend knowing, learning and speaking English, every time I attempt to blog in it I feel as a first grader trying to pronounce 'this is a chair' for the first time. Insecurities, how do I hate them.